The Answer.

All my life, I was told to be a too sensitive person.

A cry baby, easily hurt and tempered.

I thought that I was shallow and I feel very embarassed about it.

It bothered me so much. How many times they told me that I was too sensitive and they would look at me annoyingly or they would back bite me.

As I searched for answers why in the world am I sensitive, there I read upon a post about empathy.

The post shared signs of it. Bingo! Finally I knew why I was too senstitive.

Questions about why I’m always overwhelmed with negative vibes and why I am easily swoon over with sad stories or situations.

Yet, the post also helped see my brighter side. I learned an empathetic person, like me, easily understands and sees others situations which makes us help them more with ease.

This post is to let people know that researching also helps and looking for answers can make you understand yourself more.

For people interested:


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