Emotionally drained.

Fights, shouts, arguments, and a mind exhausted with all the drama.

One fight after the other.

When will it stop? Can’t we just have one day filled with peace? Filled with love?

Physically and emotionally drained.

Let’s us all face it, sometimes life is full of drama and it is just so annoying.



Yes, I do have friends but does it mean that because you have friends you aren’t alone anymore?
I do have friends. Yet, do they care about me? Do they listen to me when things get rough in my life? Are they interested?
They brush you off and there you’ll find yourself still stuck.
Those who are dear to your heart are the ones you’d expect to save you from drowning. Instead, they’re the ones who are pushing you more in it.

The Answer.

All my life, I was told to be a too sensitive person.

A cry baby, easily hurt and tempered.

I thought that I was shallow and I feel very embarassed about it.

It bothered me so much. How many times they told me that I was too sensitive and they would look at me annoyingly or they would back bite me.

As I searched for answers why in the world am I sensitive, there I read upon a post about empathy.

The post shared signs of it. Bingo! Finally I knew why I was too senstitive.

Questions about why I’m always overwhelmed with negative vibes and why I am easily swoon over with sad stories or situations.

Yet, the post also helped see my brighter side. I learned an empathetic person, like me, easily understands and sees others situations which makes us help them more with ease.

This post is to let people know that researching also helps and looking for answers can make you understand yourself more.

For people interested: http://liveboldandbloom.com/08/self-improvement/empath-traits-of-highly-sensitive-person

A serene heart.

Going home with a smile in my face and a mind completely relaxed.

You touched my heart and I can’t seem to forget every moment with you.

How calm and peaceful I am with you by my side.

Remembering how you talked to me softly. How you held me tight with a smile in our faces.

Oh how wonderful what love can do!

A companion which reminds you how lucky you still are, that you still got someone to hold on makes a complete difference.

You calmed the waves within me, and gave me a serene heart.



A room so dark and a girl, deep in thoughts.
Her phone beeps. Yet, she chose to ignore it.
As dark and quiet her room is, so is her heart.
Tired of everything.
Tired of people who treat her as if what she feels is all an act. Tired of reaching out and seeking for help.
She starts to calm down and checks her phone.
As she saw the message, there she decided to stop for a minute and disregard all the people around her.
“Can I survive? being alone? With no one to talk to?” yes, you can. Being alone is your only choice for now, she thought.
To protect yourself from the dangerous world filled with people who misunderstand you.
When in pain and no one understands you. Pause for a minute or a day.
Think about yourself. Take care of yourself. Don’t let other people take the chance to annihilate you. Once you feel they are no longer helping.

Someone to trust.

Time check- 12:08 am

Just to let everyone know that after every pain you’ve gone through, there will always be a rainbow waiting for you.

If you feel hurt, lost, etc. know that there will always be someone who you can run to. Someone who would catch you and help you when you are in need or after you’ve calmed down.

Who is this person? You ask? He gave his son to die for us and forgave our sins.

Trust me, reading Bible verses can help a lot. Crying and trusting God to handle your situation really helps. Talk to God as if he is beside you or write a little prayer.

I’m just a teenager seeking for comfort at times but I am also a teen who wants to help other people be comforted.

This is also my way of calming down (aside from writing–praying really helps when you can’t longer handle the pain), and I want to share this to people who may need this. I know what it feels like when you seem to think you can’t trust anymore or nobody wants to listen to you.

“When I am afraid, I will trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, In God I trust, I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?” Psalm 56:3-4

“Call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you” Psalm 50:15


p.s- I just want to help in my own little way


Why are you stepping on me?

Why are you pulling me down?

You may not realize it but please be more careful.

You caused me pain, and somehow you drowned me with no little of me left.

I love you, and I’m trying, to stop thinking of what you’ve done.

Yet, it comes back over and over again.

I am torn apart with the pain you’ve caused, and the love I feel for you.